Been Involved In A Road Traffic Accident? Save Up To £548 By Contacting RTA Claims*

Pay no excess and reduce your waiting time by calling RTA Claims, we will answer your call within seconds. RTA Claims provides a stress-free claims process that won't hurt your No-Claims Bonus or your bank account.

Immediate dispatch of our recovery vehicles as your recovery time is our priority.

When the unexpected happens on the road, having a reliable recovery partner to turn to makes all the difference. If you're stuck at the roadside we aim to be with in 90 minutes of instruction and will ensure that you and your passengers are safely recovered and out of harms way.

24/7 Support

- Offering round-the-clock support to ensure you're never left stranded.

- We're here to help you at every hour of every day. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

- Your safety and wellbeing are our highest priority, no matter the time or the emergency. 

Immediate Roadside Recovery

- Our team of skilled professionals are just a phone call away, ready to provide you with fast and efficient service and roadside assistance.

- With our quick response times, we'll be by your side when you need us most. No unnecessary delays, no excuses.

Hassle-Free Claims Process

- We'll handle your claim diligently, from the initial paperwork to the final outcome.

- We'll contact the insurers and work with them on your behalf so you can get the simplest and most straight forward service possible.

- We'll help you save money, provide a replacement vehicle, and confidently get you back behind the wheel.

No Cost To You

- There are no charges, costs, or requests for fees when you call us for assistance.

- Fast and free help when you need it most. All our costs are presented to the at-fault driver's insurance for settlement.

- No holding deposits or service charge fees for our service even if you are provided a replacement vehicle.

What we offer

Get Going Again With RTA Claims

At RTA Claims, your satisfaction and peace of mind are at the heart of everything we do. Dealing with a road traffic accident can be overwhelming, so we offer you a smooth and hassle-free experience. We're by your side from the beginning. From replacement hire vehicles to satisfactory settlement without impact on your No Claims Bonus, we ensure you receive the best support possible.

Same Day Replacement Vehicle

When getting back on the road is crucial, we'll give you a like-for-like group replacement hire vehicle and deliver it right to your door on the same day as your accident. From a small hatchback to a large commercial, our replacement vehicles mean life and business continues without interruption.

Personal Claims Technician Assigned To You

With your dedicated claims handler you’ll never be left to figure it out alone.

For every claim, we assign a personal claims technician to guide you through the complexities of the process. We'll help you tick every box correctly and avoid lengthy bureaucratic delays, meaning you can return to the road in record time.

Replacement Transportation At Your Convenience

Not only do we deliver a replacement hire vehicle, we deliver it at your convenience, seven days a week. Need your car on a Sunday afternoon for that Monday morning commute? We'll get it to you.

We supply replacement cars, bikes, and vans. We will deliver your replacement vehicle at our convenience and will work according to your schedule

BS10125 Accredited

Our panel of manufacturer-approved repairers hold BS10125 accreditations, so your vehicle repairs meet the highest industry standards for safety and reliability.

Lifetime Guarantee On Repairs

We're so sure of the quality of our repairs that we'll give you a guarantee for life—peace of mind for peaceful driving for as long as you own it.

Expert Lawyers

For personal injury claims, our expert lawyers are on your case with keen eyes to ensure your rights and interests are protected.

Medical Treatment

Personal injury rehabilitation and physiotherapy if you need it to ensure you're supported throughout your journey back to health.

Save Up To £348 — No Excess!

As we will be claiming directly against the at-fault insurers you will not be required to pay for your excess, this will be an average saving of £348, which is typically paid on a traditional claim – Call us to find out more.

No-Claims Bonus? No Worries.

As we are making a claim against the at-fault insurer, your no-claims bonus will be unaffected.

Same Value For Write-Offs

If your vehicle has been deemed a total loss, RTA Claims will fight to obtain retail value for your vehicle ensuring you have what you are entitled to as if the incident had never occurred.

Start Your Easy Non-Fault Claim Process Now

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No cost claims process that’s as easy as 123

With our hassle-free claims process, get the non-fault claim process you need. There's no cost to you or your insurance — it's quick, easy, and straightforward.

Step 1
Call The RTA Claims Team

Call us on 0300 373 5878 to begin your claim and let us know what happened. We will complete the initial claim form and start your claim.

Call the RTA Hotline
step 2
We Handle The Paperwork

AT RTA Claims we will deal with all aspects of your claim including initial paperwork. We'll get right to work and contact all relevant parties based on the details you give us so you can focus on getting your life back on track.

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step 3
Receive Compensation or Support

We'll process your claim promptly, ensuring you get the remedy you deserve and support you need. Speak to us and start your claim today.

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Get The Non-Fault Claim Experience You Need

Don't just take our word for it

When you've been in a motor accident that wasn't your fault, it can be a nightmare trying to contact the at-fault Insurance Company. Aside from being on hold for long periods of time and never speaking to the same person twice, the experience can be more frustrating than it needs to be. At RTA Claims, you will get through first time every time.

Kevin Webster - Essex

I would highly recommend this company to all my friends and family. I had what I thought was going to be a "messy claim" but RTA Claims managed to resolve it in a mere matter of weeks!

Terry Gibson - Tyne & Wear

Very professional and knowledgeable. A great service from start to finish. Would 100% recommend.

Joseph Lindo - London

Thank you so much to all the guys at RTA Claims for your professionalism and keeping me
informed and up-to-date throughout the process. I felt assured throughout. I would 100% recommend this company that’s why I have given them five stars. Thanks to the whole team.

Malwina Kucharek - Kent

RTA Claims-always quick response and excellent service provided. Great staff, good communication process. Highly recommended.

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Start your non-fault claim with us today for a stress-free claims handling solution

RTA Claims is your best choice for tailored support that suits you. Whatever your emergency, our team is ready to help get you back on the road with legal advice, a like-for-like vehicle, and a claims handler who represents you.

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