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Can I Claim If I Had a Motor Accident?

Yes. Whether the accident was your fault or not, you can make a claim to help cover your costs.

After a motor accident, if you think you'll likely need to make a claim, make sure you exchange names, contact details, and insurance details with the other driver(s) involved in the accident. If the fault driver refuses to give you details, don't worry. RTA Claims may be able to find them and their insurance details just by their registration number.

Check your policy if it is a condition to notify your own insurer whether you're looking to utilise your own policy or not. If you have third-party insurance, you can claim via the other drivers insurance and allow their insurer to decide who is responsible for the road traffic accident.

The Car Accident Claim Experts

RTA Claims's team of experts can help you with all types of road traffic claims, including your car accident compensation claim. Whether you have questions about how much compensation you can claim, personal injury queries, or any other queries about making a car accident claim, we're just one phone call away and can give personalised, specific advice about your specific circumstance.

Our Easy & Fast RTA Claims Process

Our expert team will help you in the initial contact with completing a detailed claim form, obtaining your images and evidence via mobile messaging services for maximum convenience , contact all relevant parties involved and arrange recovery of your damaged vehicle and delivery of a like-for-like group vehicle all in one swift call. We can also put you in touch with a personal injury solicitor directly if you or your passengers are injured as a result of the incident.

How Much Can You Claim for injury in a Car Accident?

You can claim compensation as part of any road accident claim, especially where personal injury is involved. Road traffic accidents often result in injury, and RTA Claims can help you with the process of making a claim for compensation. Legal fees are covered as part of a claim, and everything from whiplash to more serious injuries can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds in compensation, assuming medical evidence and medical reports are presented. RTA Claims is here to help you get as much compensation as you're entitled too.

Can RTA Claims Help with Commercial or Van Non-Fault Accidents?

Absolutely. We know that experiencing a van collision can induce significant stress, especially when your van plays a critical role in your work. Getting back on the road is always your top priority, and we know the importance of staying mobile to fulfill your daily responsibilities.That’s why we offer a flexible, bespoke commercial accident management service to get you back on the road in no time. If you’ve been involved in a no-fault accident, the RTA Claims van accident management service will handle every aspect of your no-fault claim, recovering all costs through the third party’s insurance.

Our Commercial Vehicle Claims Process

As soon as you make the call, our expert team gets to work, securing you a like-for-like replacement van within 24 hours to anywhere in the UK. Our standby fleet consists of all major brands of vans and sizes, including small standard vans up to LWB, tippers, cherry pickers, and even minibusses. Plus, all our commercial vehicles can be supplied with tow bars, roof racks, rhino tubes, deadlocks, beacons, and chevrons – just like your own.Once we’ve got your replacement vehicle covered, we’ll assist you with your claim. Our professionals can help regardless of whether your insurance coverage is third-party or comprehensive, your van is roadworthy or unroadworthy, or you require a specialist van replacement.

Quality Parts & Repairs Guaranteed

If your van is repairable, we’ll cover the cost of the repairs through third-party insurers, safeguarding your own insurance policy. We work to ensure that your no-claims bonus remains unaffected, so there is no requirement for you to pay an excess. Repairs will be carried out via a (VBRA) insurance-approved repairer with only genuine manufacturer parts supplied and fitted. Rest assured that every repair undertaken will come with a 5-year guarantee. If your vehicle is not repairable, we will negotiate its retail value from the third-party insurers.

Why Choose RTA Claims?

RTA Claims are professionals in the field of car accident claims. Safe, secure, and responsible business practices mean your car claim is in good hands, especially in the case of personal injury, even against an uninsured driver. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you recover compensation.

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Seek Expert Legal Advice

RTA Claims have a team of expert lawyers, including a personal injury team, who can help with every step of your claim, from liaising with you insurance company to court proceedings. We are dedicated to helping you with lost income, injury compensation, and assessing your financial risk after a car accident that wasn't your fault.

Car Accident Solicitors On Hand

Car accidents are traumatic, but a claim shouldn't be. RTA Claims can help with your car claim with our expert legal team. Whether the crash was your fault, you were injured in a vehicle, or sustained personal injury due to your vehicle being hit, we can help you every step of the way.

Car Insurance Expertise

The motor insurers bureau keeps records of every insured vehicle and road user in the UK and can help you determine whether your car accident was caused by uninsured drivers. RTA Claims can provide info on how much compensation you can claim for a road traffic accident and how to begin the process and seek legal advice.

Our Services

If you've been involved in a car accident, we can help with your claim. Our claim process couldn't be easier, and we have many services to help you with a compensation claim, starting an injury claim, and more.
Expert Personal Injury Solicitors

RTA Claims can help you get in touch with expert personal injury solicitors who can guide you in the process of claiming for serious injury. If your accident has caused you a permanent disability, constant pain, minor scarring, or any other personal injury, our team are on hand to help. Many road accident claims require a personal injury team, and we can help you to gather medical records, discuss time limits for injury claims, and discuss compensation awarded.

No Win, No Fee

RTA Claims is dedicated to getting you the maximum compensation for your claim. If the accident was someone else's fault and due to reckless driving, someone else's negligence, or excessive speed, get in touch to find out how much you could claim in compensation on a no-win no, fee basis.

Easy Claims Process

Claiming injury compensation is simple with RTA Claims. Get in touch today with any queries about a no-win no, fee injury claim, help with gathering as much evidence as possible, or to speak to our team.

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