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What Happens if You Crash a Motability Car

November 21, 2023

Having an accident in any vehicle can be a distressing experience, but when it involves a car from the Motability Scheme, the situation can become quite complex. While the process for reporting a Motability car accident doesn’t vary much from that of a traditional accident, what steps do you need to take, what’s covered under Mobility insurance, and are you still allowed to rent a car from the Motability Scheme going forward? Let’s take a look.

What is The Motability Scheme in the UK?

First of all, what actually is the Mobility Scheme? In the UK, the Motability Scheme is a program that provides mobility solutions, like cars and scooters, to people with disabilities. These cars are often better adapted for those with problems with dexterity, balance, and coordination, and are often offered at a reduced price for those unable to work due to their disability.

Car Accidents and the Motability Scheme

So, if you’re in a car accident in a mobility vehicle, what steps should you take?

Immediate Actions

Just like with any car accident, your main priority is going to be safety; check for any injuries among all parties involved and ensure that everyone is out of harm's way. Once you’ve done this, you can focus on documenting the accident and exchanging necessary information with any other parties involved.

If you’re alone in the car and have pre-existing limitations with your own physical mobility, you might want to call a loved one who can come and help you take the necessary action, i.e. taking photos and documenting the scene.

Safety and Medical Concerns

It’s also important to note that in the event of a car accident involving a Motability vehicle (for example, if you’re driving a mobility vehicle for a loved one with a disability), pay extra attention to their specific medical needs, particularly for those with pre-existing conditions or physical limitations. Immediate medical attention may be required even for seemingly minor injuries, so attend to these first.

Reporting the Accident to Motability

Once all medical concerns are handled, you’re going to need to report the accident to the Motability Scheme as promptly as possible, where you’ll file a claim with Motability’s own insurance. Even if there’s no damage to the vehicle, this is an important step.

What does Motability Cover?

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Motability insurance typically covers all external or mechanical damage incurred via a road accident, as well as theft, loss or damage, and accidental damage. Motability even also covers accidents or damage that occurs when driving abroad. Motability cannot, however, cover:

  • Accidents or damage caused by an unauthorised person (aka a friend or family member) driving your Motability vehicle
  • Interior repairs (such as cup holders breaking or damaged fabrics)
  • Personal loss of keys
  • Your excess
  • Loss or damage to personal belongings in the car

Motability Accident: Who’s At Fault?

At-Fault Process

Determining who’s at fault in an accident with a Motability car involves similar considerations as any other vehicle. Motability’s insurance company will assess the accident details to establish liability, and do note that this procedure could potentially impact your standing within the scheme if you were driving recklessly and found to be liable. It’s important to note that per the Motability website - and in any other situations involving a car accident - you should never admit fault on the scene, even if you believe yourself to be at fault. Doing so can implicate you as liable for the damage, and could end up hurting the claim that will be made on your behalf by Motability.

Legal Implications and Potential Legal Proceedings

In cases where there are significant disputes about fault or injuries, legal proceedings may arise. It's important to inform the Motability Scheme in such scenarios, as they may offer assistance.

Temporary Vehicle Replacement

While your Motability car is being repaired, the scheme will typically provide you with a temporary replacement vehicle, so you don’t need to worry about getting around in a suitable car or scooter during the repair period.

Following Up

During the process, it’s a good idea to stay in regular communication with the Motability Scheme, so you can keep up-to-date regarding the status of your claim and vehicle repairs. Keeping a thorough record of all communications can also be beneficial for future reference, especially if you’re found to be liable for the accident.


How does insurance work for a Motability car accident?

All Motability cars come with an insurance policy that covers accidents. If you’re involved in an accident, contact the Motability Scheme, and they will guide you through the process of making an insurance claim.

Will I get a replacement vehicle even if I’m at fault?

Insurance claims will usually take a while to process, and the Motability Scheme will typically provide a temporary replacement vehicle during this time, or while your car is being repaired.

What happens if the accident wasn't my fault?

If the accident wasn’t your fault, the Motability Scheme and the insurance provider will work to recover the costs from the at-fault party. You should still report the accident to the Motability Scheme and provide all the necessary details for them to assist you, including photographs, witness statements and any CCTV footage of the accident.